14×4.5mm Wheel Pair for Sub-Micro Plastic Planetary Gearmotors (Pair)

These tiny plastic wheels have rubber tires and are compatible with 2 mm diameter shafts, such as the ones on our sub-micro plastic gearmotors. The outer diameter of the wheel is 14 mm and the tire is 4.5 mm wide. These wheels are sold in ** pairs **.


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14×4.5mm wheel pair for sub-micro plastic gearmotors and a lego man

Motor connections

These wheels fit 2 mm diameter output shafts such as the ones on our tiny  (26:1 Gearmotor). The tire is not removable.

Due to small variances in the sub-micro plastic gearmotor’s output shaft, in some instances, the 14 mm wheel might fit loosely. If you experience a loose fit, you could try swapping wheels or using a small dab of glue to help hold the wheel on.


The wheel hub is made of ABS and the tires are natural rubber.

  • Diameter: 14 mm (0.55″)
  • Width of tire: 4.5 mm (0.18″)
  • Weight: 0.6 g (0.02 oz)
  • Shaft type: 2 mm diameter

The following diagram shows the wheel’s dimensions in mm.

14×4.5mm wheel pair for sub-micro plastic gearmotors dimensions

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