Standoff F-F 10-Pack, 30mm Nylon

These Nylon hexagonal female-female standoffs keep parts spaced 30mm apart and are great for securing microcontrollers and other boards to robot chassis. The stand-offs have M3 tapped holes at both ends and the hexagonal shape makes it easy to hold them when securing with standard M3 screws.

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Nylon spacers are great for mounting electrical components because they are non-conductive, strong and lightweight. We also carry M3 screws in a 10 pack to suit these spacer as shown in the picture below. Note that 2 packs are needed per 1 pack of standoffs.



Nylon F-F standoff with M3 screw

Nylon spacers mounting a PCB on a chassis

Nylon Standoff - Dimensions

A: 5.6mm

B: M3

L: 30mm

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