10ft Extension Cable for Concentric LD Linear Actuators

This 10 ft (3 m) extension cable is designed to work with LACTxP linear actuators with feedback . It consists of five 20 AWG wires terminated on one end with male power and feedback connectors that securely snap into the actuator’s female power and feedback connectors.

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Male end of extension cable for Concentric LD linear actuators

Female end of extension cable for Concentric LD linear actuators

Note: This extension cable only works with the linear actuators with feedback as only those linear actuators have leads with the appropriate connectors. The versions without a feedback potentiometer have unterminated power leads.

We initially claimed these cables were 42″ long, but apparently that was the result of a miscommunication with Concentric, and they have always really been 10 feet long. We have changed the product name and description to reflect the correct length.

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