2-5/8" plastic Red wheel Futaba servo hub

This plastic servo wheel is made specifically for Futaba servo splines and has a diameter of 2-5/8". Each wheel comes with a pair of black rubber bands: the tyre and a spare.

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Pololu - Futaba servo wheels come with two rubber bands for tires

This plastic Futaba servo wheel is made to match Futaba servo splines, such as those on the SpringRC SM-S4303R and Power HD AR-3606HB continuous rotation servos. The wheel is molded from ABS and measures just under 2-5/8" across by 0.3" wide. With the included rubber band tyre, the total wheel diameter is 2-5/8". The wheel is available in blue, yellow, red, and black.

For mini-sumo robots, you can also get a high-traction sticky tyre made especially to fit this plastic robot wheel.

Included Parts

  • One wheel
  • Two rubber band tires (one is a spare)

Newer Versions

For a version of this robot servo wheel that has molded-on silicone tires and built-in encoder stripes, see the Solarbotics SW servo wheels with encoders.

Note: The Futaba servo wheel does not come with any mounting hardware. To mount the wheel, use the screw included with your servo.



Size: 2-5/8" diameter, 0.3" wide

General specifications

Colour: red

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