Toggle Switch with Cover - Illuminated Red 20A, 12V and SPST

This SPST heavy duty high current toggle switch has a red illuminated cover for switching loads up to 20A at 12V. It looks great and has an air of danger!

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No more accidentally launching intercontinental ballistic missiles when you reach for a cup of coffee. Don't be the one who starts WW3. The illuminated red cover will prevent unwanted switching and let people know it is a really really important switch.

Underneath those good looks is a heavy duty toggle switch. Working at 12V it can reliably switch a 20A load like lights or motors. It is a single pole single through SPST switch.

The illumination is provided by an LED that can work as low as 3.3V


  • Rated for 12V 20A
  • Includes Missile Switch Cover
  • Illuminated
  • Includes one each of ON and OFF positions. Not a fence sitter.

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