Pumps and Fluid Devices

Pumps, Solenoid valves and fluid control devices

Need to control the flow of liquids or gases in your electronics gizmo? Pumps can be used to force liquid and air around piping. Vacuum pumps work the opposite way to suck air out of spaces letting the atmosphere squash them.

Solenoid valves are an electrically controlled valve that can be used the turn the flow of liquids on and off. Commonly found in automated irrigation they can be useful for switching the flow of any liquid.

12V DC Solenoid Valve - 3/4" fitting 35L/min

Code: MEC-30207

Working at 12V DC this solenoid water valve is ideal for a home automation project. Minimum pressure of 200kPa and flows up to 35L/min at 800kPa


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Blower - Squirrel Cage (12V)

Code: SKU-000942

This DC Blower really moves some air! Pulling about 1Amp @ 12VDC, this blower is rated at 16CFM (although it seems like more to us).


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Liquid Pump - 350GPH, 1300LPH 12 volt by SEAFLO

Code: MEC-30208

This heavy duty SEAFLO bilge pump is handy for moving all kinds of liquids at up to 350 gallons per hour (1300 litres per hour) from a safe low voltage 12V power supply. Drawing 1.5A this pump can be fully submersed.


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Vacuum Pump - 12V, 1Amp, 406mm Hg

Code: MEC-30206

This vacuum pump operates at 12V and draws a modest 1Amp making it suitable for many small applications. Rated at 16", 406mm Hg the pump has 1/4" barbs to press fit tubing.


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Bartendro Dispenser - Peristaltic Pump and Controller

Code: SKU-001902

Do you need to precisely dispense amounts of liquid for your preferred beverage? If so this could be the pump for you.


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Code: SKU-004499

The EZO-PMP Kit from Atlas Scientific is a small peristaltic dosing pump and serial controller with all the parts needed to set up a nice home lab environment.


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