Adaptors and Converters

Adaptors and Converters

There are many different protocols and voltages for electronic communications. To get one device to talk to another you can use an adaptor/converter to change the voltage level or to translate between the different protocols like I2C, USB, RS285 and TTL Serial.

Computers tend to have only USB connections these days but small electronics typically use other light weight protocols so most of our adaptors connect from USB to one of I2C, TTL serial, RS485.

SparkFun Qwiic Adapter

Code: SKU-004436

The SparkFun Qwiic Adaptor provides the perfect means to make any old I 2 C board into a Qwiic-enabled board. This adaptor breaks out the I 2 C pins from the Qwiic connectors to pins that you can easily solder with your favourite I 2 C-enabled device.

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SparkFun RS232 Shifter SMD (no DB9 connector)

Code: MCU-60241

Convert RS232 to TTL and back using this super tiny board. TX and RX are both converted allowing a microcontroller to talk to a computer or other RS232 devices via serial conversion.

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SparkFun SSOP to DIP Adapter - 16-Pin

Code: SKU-003978

The SparkFun 16-Pin SSOP to DIP Adaptor is a small PCB that lets you adapt SSOP packages into a DIP footprint. These small boards are useful for modding and upgrading devices that use 14- and 16-pin DIP ICs, when the upgraded IC is only available in an SSOP footprint.

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USB to Micro-B Adapter

Code: SKU-004562

It’s tiny, it’s handy, and it can give your normal USB-equipped device a micro-B connector! With the USB to Micro-B Adaptor you can make a flash drive connect to your tablet, connect a keyboard to your phone in order to text with ease, attach a Bluetooth ® dongle to your RPi Zero, and more! Since...

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USB-to-Serial Adapter CP2104 Carrier

Code: COM-40028

This USB-to-serial adapter lets you easily connect a TTL serial device to a PC by acting as a virtual serial port. The board is a Micro-USB carrier for the Silicon Labs CP2104 USB-to-UART bridge that provides access to all of its control signal pins and GPIO pins.

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