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PICAXE Kits & Boards

PICAXE Kits and project boards

Robot Gear is an official Australian distributor for PICAXE components.

PICAXE-08 Protoboard (AXE021)

Code: KIT-70011

This protokit is and easy way to hook up and experiment with the PICAXE 8 pin microcontroller. With ample prototyping space and a socket for the IC this board gets bits wired up to the PICAXE 8 fast. **Chip sold separately** NOTE: the battery snap included is not for a 9V battery.


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PICAXE-20X2 Microbot (BOT120)

Code: KIT-70045

PICAXE Microbot is an excellent introductory robot. Using the free PICAXE program editor you can write programs in the simple BASIC language and command the robot to do various activities. Easy to assemble without soldering and lots of fun.


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