Connectors - Crimp

Crimp Connectors

These little crimp connectors are designed to work with standard 0.1" headers which is the most common size seen in hobby electronics on microcontrollers and bread boards.

The connectors work with 22-28AWG Stranded copper wire  best. The connectors are crimped with a special tool although pliers will do if you only need to do a few.

Pins are available to suit either male or female connections. Both types of pins fit the different connector casings.


Polarized Connectors - Housing (4-Pin)

Code: SKU-000149

Polarized connectors and headers for your perf board/PCB projects. Use these connectors for power connections or any sensor/general connection to prevent users from connecting the peripheral incorrectly or reversed. This is for the female housing.

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Polarized Connectors - Molex Header (2-Pin)

Code: SKU-000157

This is the Molex 2-Pin male header polarized connector suitable for use in perf boards and PCB. The connectors ensure wiring doesn't get connected backwards. Works with the JST to Molex jumper in the related products below.

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Ribbon Crimp Connector - 10-pin (2x5, Female)

Code: SKU-000751

These 2x5 crimp connectors work with 10-wire ribbon cable to make cable assemblies how you like. No tools are required as the connector just snaps together over the wires.

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Ribbon Crimp Connector - 6-pin (2x3, Female)

Code: SKU-000752

These 2x3 crimp connectors can be snapped onto 6-wire ribbon cable to make your own cable assemblies and keep your connections organised. Simply press the connector onto your ribbon cable, no soldering required, which makes it easy to add as many mid-cable connectors as you need.

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