SparkX - These are experimental products by SparkFun electronics hot from their labs. 

Experimental Products! SparkX products are rapidly produced to bring you the most cutting edge technology as it becomes available. These products are tested but come with no guarantees. Live technical support is not available for SparkX products. Head on over to the SparkFun forum for support or to ask a question.

1-Wire to Qwiic Bridge - DS28E17

Code: SKU-004178

The 1Wire-to-Qwiic Bridge allows you to communicate via I 2 C over very long distances. It does so by utilising the 1Wire communication protocol, which can communicate at distances of up to about 100 meters, depending on the application.


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Air Quality Sensor (Qwiic) - SGP30

Code: SKU-004791

The SGP30 is an indoor air quality sensor equipped with an I 2 C interface. It outputs equivalent CO 2 in ppm and Total Volatile Organic Compounds (TVOC) in ppb. The sensor also gives access to its raw measurement values of Ethanol and H 2 . The SGP30 boasts high stability with low long term drift.


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Atomic Clock

Code: SKU-004768

The Miniature Atomic Clock (MAC) from Microsemi uses a rubidium laser to output an extremely accurate clock. We’re speaking at the edge of our knowledge so please bear with us but the short-term stability (Allan Deviation) is ≤8*10 -12 .


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Atto84 with Arduino Bootloader

Code: SKU-004761

Arduino and Arduino compatible dev boards are an awesome tool for developing an idea quickly but, being development boards, they’re often a little more bulky and full featured than you really need.


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CO₂ Humidity and Temperature Sensor - SCD30

Code: SKU-004741

The SCD30 from Sensirion is a high quality NDIR based CO₂ sensor capable of detecting 400 to 10000ppm with an accuracy of ±(30ppm+3%). In order to improve accuracy the SCD30 has temperature and humidity sensing built-in, as well as commands to set the current altitude.


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Distance Sensor 4m (Qwiic) - VL53L1X

Code: SKU-004637

The VL53L1X is the latest Time Of Flight (ToF) sensor to be released. It uses a VCSEL (vertical cavity surface emitting laser) to emit a class 1 IR laser and time the reflection to the target.


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Environmental Sensor (Qwiic) - BME680

Code: SKU-004507

The BME680 from Bosch is a powerful sensor capable of sensing humidity, barometric pressure, temperature and indoor air quality. The BME680 can communicate over SPI or I 2 C (default).


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Flexible Grayscale Display - 1.81"

Code: SKU-004403

This is a small flexible, grayscale OLED display. That’s right, we said flexible. We’ve been hearing about flexible displays for years, it’s finally here! You can’t fold it like paper but this OLED from Wisechip can be bent to a 40mm radius without damage.


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Generic 1 GB microSD Card

Code: SKU-004794

Do you covet SD cards? One might be tempted to buy the newest, shiniest, largest capacity card simply because it is amazing. For the times when all you need is a simple SD card to get the job done – or a spare to prototype with – this is the card for you.


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Grid-EYE Infrared Array (Qwiic) - AMG8833

Code: SKU-004505

The GridEYE from Panasonic is a 8 by 8 thermopile array. This means you have an array of 64 pixels each capable of detecting temperature remotely. It’s like having thermal camera (or Predator’s vision ) just in really low resolution.


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