Pan & Tilt

Pan & Tilt

Pan and Tilt Kit with Mini Servos

Code: MEC-30087

This Dagu pan/tilt kit, designed by the members of "" has mounting holes to suit almost any range sensor and includes 2 miniature servos plus all the nuts and bolts required for assembly.

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Pan and Tilt Kit with Standard Servos

Code: MEC-30187

This Dagu pan & tilt kit with standard sized servos is a strong pan & tilt assembly for larger sensors like cameras or other loads. The brackets feature lots of holes and slots for mounting your parts.

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Pan/Tilt Bracket Kit (Single Attachment)

Code: SKU-004191

This is an easy-to-assemble pan/tilt bracket kit that utilizes servos to move on two axes fit for camera and helping-hand applications. This particular bracket kit is the same one we use in our SparkFun Raspberry Pi Zero W Camera Kit to create a remote camera system for your home or workplace.

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Pan/Tilt Bracket

Code: SKU-000649

This pan/tilt bracket consists of two brackets and all the hardware you need to attach them to make a pan/tilt mechanism using two servo motors. We recommend our small servo motors listed below. Note: Servos are not included. The sub-micro servo size works for these mounts.

$ 10.95

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