Caster Wheels

Pololu Ball Caster Kit with 3/4" Plastic Ball

Code: MEC-30008

With a 3/4" (19mm) plastic ball this ball caster kit comes complete with mounting screws and spacers to change the final height of the caster. Dowel pins are included to reduce friction between the ball and ABS housing. The caster provides a good 'third point' for a differential drive robot.

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Replacement 3pi Ball Caster with 1/2″ Plastic Ball

Code: SKU-002441

This ball castor can be used as a replacement 3pi robot part or as a general-purpose ball castor. When mounted through a hole in a chassis that uses our micro metal gearmotors and our 32×7mm wheels , as on the 3pi, this ball castor is just the right height to keep the chassis level.

$ 2.50

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