Wheel Mounts

Wheel Mounts - Attach Wheels to Motors

Attach wheels of different sizes to common DC motors with D-Shafts. Hex head hubs fit many common radio control toy wheels, scooter wheels hubs fit many different skate wheels to give many options for a robot design.

2mm Shaft Adapter for LEGO Wheels (Pair)

Code: SKU-002457

This adaptor allows the Pololu 120:1 mini plastic gearmotors ( offset output and 90-degree output ) and the Solarbotics GM6 and GM7 gearmotors to be connected to LEGO’s wide variety of high-quality wheels. The adapters are sold in pairs.

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Pololu Aluminum Scooter Wheel Adapter for 1/4″ Shaft

Code: SKU-003350

This two-part aluminium assembly mounts directly to 1/4 inch diameter motor output shafts like those on our NEMA 23 stepper motors and allows you to drive most scooter, skateboard, inline skate, and other common wheels that are compatible with popular 608 ball bearings.

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Solarbotics GMW (GM2/3/8/9 Gear Motor Mount - ONE mount)

Code: MEC-30044

Sturdy plastic wheels for the GM2, GM3, GM8, and GM9 gear motors that can also be used as mounts for other wheels and mechanisms via four mounting holes. The image shows each side of the wheel and the included screw and washer (NOT sold in pairs).

$ 2.35

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