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pcDuino Development Boards and Tools

Camera Module - pcDuino V3 (5MP)

Code: SKU-002103

This 5M pixel camera module is capable of capturing 2592 x 1944 active array video and images and connects directly to your pcDuino V3.


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pcDuino - AV Kit

Code: SKU-001107

The pcDuino AV Kit includes everything you need to get your pcDuino powered, networked and connected to an HDMI enabled TV or monitor. If you don’t happen to have all of these cables laying around, this is the easiest way to get up and running with your pcDuino.


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pcDuino - WiFi Dongle

Code: SKU-001106

Want to free your pcDuino from the oppression of wired networking? This USB Wifi dongle has been tested to work with the pcDuino, simply plug it into the USB port and you’re ready to connect to a nearby wireless network! Note: We’ve found that this also works well with the BeagleBone Black as wel...


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pcDuino Lite - Dev Board

Code: SKU-001271

As the field of embedded electronics gets more advanced, hobbyists and professionals are both in need of smaller and more powerful computers.


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