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Header board for LPC2148

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Small header board for the LPC2148 IC. Dimensions: 2.54"x1.33" (64.5mmx33.8mm) Features: MCU: LPC2148 16/32 bit ARM7TDMI-S with 512K Bytes Program Flash, 42K Bytes RAM, USB 2.0, RTC, 10 bit ADC 2.44 uS, 2x UARTs, 2x I2C, SPI, 2x 32bit TIMERS, 6x PWM, 8x CCR, 1x DAC, WDT, 5V tolerant I/O, up to 60...


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mbed - LPC1768 (Cortex-M3)

Code: SKU-000457

The mbed microcontroller is an ARM processor, a comprehensive set of peripherals and a USB programming and communication interface provided in a small and practical DIP package. The mbed is a super-easy-to-use rapid prototyping tool built on industry standard technology.


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