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Clamping Hub - 1/2" Bore

Code: SKU-001393

These clamping hubs are a great and cost-effective choice when attaching hub mount gears or wheels to shafts or tubes and can be a better option than set screw hubs if you don’t want to risk damaging whatever you need clamped.

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Set Screw Hub - 1/4" Bore

Code: SKU-001659

Set screw hubs offer a cheap way to attach hub mount gears or wheels to a shaft. The hub offers 4 equally spaced 6-32 tapped holes utilising the 0.77" hub pattern and is precision machined from 6061 T6 aluminium. The set-screw is 10-32 and uses a 3/32” hex key. This hub has a ¼" bore.

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