Serial Cables

Serial cables for data communication between devices

USB to TTL Serial Cable 3.3V

Code: SKU-001935

This USB to TTL Serial Cable works at 3.3V and is a simple way to connect TTL interfaces to a USB port such as on a Raspberry Pi. The TTL I/O pins are labelled and separated so they can accommodate different scenarios.

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PICAXE Serial Programming Cable (AXE026)

Code: COM-40007

This USB programming cable (AXE026) is used for programming PICAXE chips via a SERIAL port on your computer.

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DB9 Extension Cable M-F 6 ft.

Code: SKU-002339

This six-foot straight-through DB9 extension cable has a male connector on one end and a female connector on the other.

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OBD-II to DB9 Cable

Code: SKU-000573

Once you’ve hacked everything, why not go out in the garage and hack your car? This cable allows you to access the pins on your car’s OBDII connector. It has an OBDII connector on one end and a DB9 female serial connector on the other. The overall length of the cable is 5'.

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Serial Cable DB9 M/F - 6 Foot

Code: SKU-000002

The basic connecting cable for any development board. Use these cables to hook any computer with a standard RS232 Serial port to any of our boards. Cable colour and shape may vary slightly from image as our stock rotates.

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