Other Components

Other passive and active components and hardware for building electronic circuits.

Heat Sink - Large - Fits TO-220, TO-218, TO-247

Code: MCU-60130

High power heat sink features radial fins is able to dissipate a lot of heat. Suitable for use on packages like the L298N motor driver and LM7805 voltage regulator.

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Heat Sink - Small - Fits TO-220

Code: MCU-60131

Small heat sink with black finish and 2.5W dissipation. Suitable for use on TO-220 packages like the LM7805 voltage regulator.

$ 2.35

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Heating Pad - 5x10cm

Code: SKU-000950

These DC powered heating pads are perfect for near-body heating applications. They get warm to the touch but not too hot. Simply apply 5VDC to the wire leads and within minutes, the pad will begin to warm up.

$ 8.95

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Muscle Wire - 0.012" Diameter (1 foot)

Code: SKU-001179

This 0.012" Muscle Wire® (aka shape memory Nitinol ) is a one foot long piece of nickel-titanium alloy that can flex and contract when a specific amount of heat or current is applied to it.

$ 3.50

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Solid State Relay - 40A (3-32V DC Input)

Code: SKU-001957

A solid state relay (SSR) allows you to control high-curent AC loads from lower voltage DC control circuitry. Solid state relays have several advantages over mechanical relays.

$ 16.95

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SparkFun Discrete Semiconductor Kit

Code: SKU-002186

If you do anything with electronics, you’re probably already using transistors, but you’re probably using them in large, prepackaged clusters of just one type.

$ 26.95

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40 Pin 0.5mm FPC, SMD, Both Sides

Code: SKU-005187

This is a 40-pin surface mount FPC (Flat Printed Circuit) connector. Nothing too fancy here, except that it can be plugged in either way - contacts up or down. This is useful for manufacturers because they only have to keep one item in stock.

$ 0.70

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Analog Panel Meter - 0 to 5 VDC

Code: SKU-000637

This analogue panel meter measures DC voltage from 0-5 volts with 2.5% accuracy. It has a clear and easy to read scale and an adjustable dial. These come in handy for measuring the output of sensors with 5V ranges. The face of the meter is 45x45mm overall. The mounting hole should be 38mm.

$ 9.95

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ATX Right Angle Connector - PTH 4-pin

Code: SKU-005898

This 4-pin, ATX, right angle connector mates up to the standard 4-pin computer peripheral port often found on ATX power supplies. This connector will also serve as a replacement to that found in the SparkFun ATX Power Connector Breakout Kit . Features: Works with 12V & 5V devices.

$ 1.05

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Coin Acceptor - Programmable (3 coin types)

Code: SKU-001108

Are you trying to make a quick dime from electronics? Why limit yourself to dimes? This coin acceptor will take three different kinds of coin! Whether you’re building your own arcade cabinet or just charging admission to your house, this programmable coin acceptor makes it easy to monetize your n...

$ 41.95

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