LCD - Monochrome

LCD - Monochrome

Let your robot or electronic project display complex information with a visual display.

LCD displays are often used as they have very low power requirements and are an easy way to display textual or graphic information. Add a menu system to your project or provide status reports so you know what is going on.


SparkFun Graphic LCD Serial Backpack

Code: SKU-000396

This is the serial backpack for graphic LCDs. The SparkFun Graphic LCD Serial Backpack interfaces to either our 160x128 pixel “Huge” Graphic LCD , or the smaller 128x64 pixel display , and provides a simple serial interface to a full range of controls.

$ 35.95

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SparkFun Micro OLED Breakout (Qwiic)

Code: SKU-004521

The SparkFun Qwiic Micro OLED Breakout is a Qwiic-enabled version of our popular Micro OLED display! The small monochrome, blue-on-black OLED screen presents incredibly clear images for your viewing pleasure.

$ 33.95

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SparkFun Qwiic OLED Display (0.91 in, 128x32)

Code: SKU-006782

The SparkFun Qwiic OLED Display can display up to three lines of text and features 128x32 pixels in a small 0.91” (diagonal) frame. As an OLED, this display does not have a back light layer (unlike LCDs) and therefore it’s thinner, consumes less power, and has higher contrast.

$ 19.95

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SparkFun Serial Enabled LCD Kit

Code: SKU-000577

Calling this the “Serial Enabled LCD Kit” doesn’t do justice to how cool it actually is. After you’ve assembled this all-PTH kit, you’ll be left with a fully Arduino-compatible development board that just happens to have a white on black 16x2 display built-in.

$ 55.95

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Zio Qwiic OLED Display (1.5inch, 128x128)

Code: SKU-006008

Here is the Zio Qwiic 1.5inch 128 x 128 pixels OLED display module. It can display a maximum of 16 lines of text content, and display pictures and animation on its 1.5-inch display. On the backside, there are two Qwiic connectors.

$ 40.95

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