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16 Channel Digital & Analog Multiplexer-Demultiplexer

Code: COM-40015

Need more IO? This analog and digital multiplexer-demultiplexer breakout board provides 16 IO channels using just 5 pins on a microcontroller. Digital signals like I2C, Serial are supported as well as analog IO. Operates over 2-6V.


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2 pin JST Jumper Wire Assembly

Code: CCW-20059

2 Pin JST jumper assembly. Includes the male and female connectors and a 2 wire lead. Suitable for use with the Arduino Pro, Razor IMU and other boards with this fitting.


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5V, 1.5A Voltage Regulator LM7805

Code: MCU-60022

The LM7805 is a basic 5V, 1.5A voltage regulator in the TO-220 package with thermal shutdown and current limiting features to protect against overload. A must have for basic 5V electronics.


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6 Pin Right Angle Female Header

Code: CCW-20041

This is a through-hole 6-pin right-angle female header. We use this header on our FTDI Basic Breakout boards, and it connects perfectly with the 6-pin male header on Arduino Pros and LilyPad Main Boards.



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9 Degrees of Freedom - Razor IMU

Code: MCU-60085

The 9DOF Razor IMU incorporates three sensors - an ITG-3200 (triple-axis gyro), ADXL345 (triple-axis accelerometer), and HMC5883L (triple-axis magnetometer) - to give you nine degrees of inertial measurement. The outputs of all sensors are processed by an on-board ATmega328 and output over a seri...



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A111 Pulsed Radar Breakout

Code: SKU-004863

Does your project require high-precision, cutting-edge distance measurement? Or maybe speed-, motion-, or gesture-sensing? We’re not talking about simple ultrasonic, or even infrared, sensors here, but 60GHz radar! Well say hello to our tiny, pulsed-radar friend: the Acconeer A111.


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Arduino Fio

Code: SKU-000582

The Arduino Funnel I/O (Fio) is a board designed by Shigeru Kobayashi, based on the original design from LilyPad . Funnel is a toolkit to sketch your idea physically, and consists of software libraries and hardware.


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Arduino Pro 328 - 3.3V/8MHz

Code: SKU-000825

It’s blue! It’s skinny! It’s the Arduino Pro! SparkFun’s minimal design approach to Arduino. This is a 3.3V Arduino running the 8MHz bootloader.


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Arduino Pro 328 5V/16MHz by SparkFun

Code: MCU-60066

The Arduino Pro 328 - 5V/16Mhz microcontroller board is a minimal version of the Arduino by SparkFun designed for the experienced user who wants control over how connections are made to the board and a low cost. The Arduino Pro uses the same ATMega chip as the Arduino Uno 328 USB Board.


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Arduino Pro Mini 328 - 3.3V/8MHz

Code: SKU-000895

The Arduino Pro Mini 3.3V is the bare bones Arduino board form SparkFun. It has the power of the Arduino Uno in a tiny package ideal for soldering into projects how you want. Low price and small size make it ideal for installations.


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