(Picaxe Electronic Bread Board Layout Emulator)

PEBBLE is a virtual breadboard to help you layout PICAXE related circuits and share them with others. It is developed by WestAust55 and is based on Ray Wilson's Virtual Breadboard concept.

PEBBLE sample

Using the program

PEBBLE is a web browser based program and can be run in two ways:

1) You can download the PEBBLE files to your hard drive and open from there. This is preferred and faster. 

Current Version:

 PEEBLE V3.0E  ~6Mb

2) You can run PEBBLE online.

Getting Help

Note: Robot Gear does not provide support for PEBBLE. Please see the details below for getting help.

For help and assistance with PEBBLE please see this PICAXE forum thread

More details on printing and IE security issues are provided on the PICAXE forum thread within the first post as well as within the PEBBLE program package.
The PEBBLE revision history is contained in a txt file (PEBBLE Revision History.txt)  which can be found within the PEBBLE program package “support” folder.