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At Robot Gear, we hear of many awesome projects that our customers build and we think other makers would like to know too. If you have made a life sized dalek, a robotic lawnmower, a combat robot, camera dolly or any other interesting idea then please share and inspire!

You do not need to be a customer to post here. We would love to see your project no matter where you get your parts. This site is for you.

Refer to the terms and conditions for detailed information on appropriate content, copyright and other information.

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Appropriate Projects

Projects should be related to robotics and electronics.

Some examples are:

  • Robots and autonomous robots and vehicles.
  • Home made CNC machines and 3D printers
  • DIY Drones
  • Electro-mechanical wonder gizmos
  • Animatronics
  • Visual arts with electronics
  • Daleks
  • Robot Soccer
  • Warman, NIARC competition entries
  • School and university projects

Examples of not appropriate:

  • Cat videos (unless robot cats with lasers)
  • Blatent advertising a product or service

Commercial and Research Projects

Commercial and research projects are very welcome and a great way to show case your ideas. We do ask that information is shared about how it is built and what it does because our community wants to see what is on the inside with the covers off, not just a press release or puff piece. You do not need to share the secret sauce that makes it tick.

Content in Posts and Comments

The main rule is to be nice. It makes this site a better place to be and the world a little better.

Inappropriate images and language that may cause offence and spammy content will not be tolerated and may result in suspension of your account.


Getting Started

To post a new project you must first create a profile here.

Then you can start a new project post here and share your creation.

A project post is in HTML and can contain images and hyperlinks to other content.


Please describe what your project does and how you built it. Other people will be inspired to build their own version so the more info you provide the more it helps others.

You can include as many images, files and links as you want.

Note: the HTML is limited to a subset of tags and javascript is not permitted for security reasons.

Adding links

Links can be added by clicking the hyperlink button on the toolbar or by typing the URL in the editor directly (not supported on some browsers).

Adding Images

An image can be added in a few ways. All images will be resized so they are not too huge for others to download.

  • Drag and drop the image into the editor (some browsers only).
  • Copy and paste from another image editing program (some browsers only).
  • Click the 'Image' button on the toolbar and select an image from your computer.
  • Enter the URL for the image. The image will automatically be embedded into the content.

Adding Video

YouTube videos are currently supported. To add a YouTube video just paste the URL to the video or the share link into the editor.  or

Uploading files

You can add files to the project like design files or code. Putting the files in a zip archive first is recommended as some file types will be rejected.

Auto Saving & Drafts

The project post will automatically be saved as a draft when changes are made.

"Save Draft" button will save a draft that only you can see. Same as forcing auto save.

"Cancel" button will clear the current draft and all draft changes will be lost.

Publish - Making it public

When you are happy with your project post you press the "Publish" button.

The project will become publicly visible after a quick review by the moderators. You can always un-tick the 'Publish' box if you need to withdraw your project post.

Following Other Projects

Keep up to date on new comments and changes to a project by clicking the 'Follow' link at the top of a project post. You will get an email to let you know an update has been made.