Sharp Analog IR Distance Sensor GP2Y0E02A (4cm-50cm)

Ideal for accurate short range detection the Sharp GP2Y0E02A infrared (IR) sensor ranges from a close up 4cm through to 50cm. The GP2Y0E02A features an additional GPIO pin to control the active/sleep state to save power. Each sensor is supplied with a 30cm cable for easy connection. Perfect as a reliable contact free bumper with advanced warning.


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Note: this is a lower voltage device with 2.7-3.3v operating range. Use voltage dividers when interfacing with a 5V system.

Range 4cm to 50cm with Analogue Output

These tiny sensors are amazing, measuring just 19mm x 8mm x 5mm.

GP2Y0E02A Data Sheet and Application Note

2.7v - 3.3v operating voltage
2.2v - 0.55v change in output from 4cm to 50cm

Supplied complete with connecting cable, 30cm length with bare wires on other end for your controller.