PICAXE Development Starter Pack (AXE091U)

PICAXE development starter pack is a great starter kit for PICAXE that lets you get started with the PICAXE 18M2 chip and various sensors. The kit then can form the basis of any prototyping adventure as it supports all the PICAXE chips with sockets and connectors for real time clocks, I2C/SPI memory chips and more.

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This PICAXE Experimenter Kit (AXE091U) is a very versatile bundle for anyone eager to get started experimenting with PICAXE right away. The kit comes with a PICAXE-18M2, but the open design let's you use any of the PICAXE chips, sold separately.

The board is supplied fully assembled with:

  • 3 LED indicator outputs.
  • 3 Digital switch inputs.
  • LDR and preset resistor analogue inputs.
  • DS18B20 digital temperature sensor
  •  Infra red sensor
  • LED output
  • Keyboard connector
  • Serial (inverted and true (MAX202 buffered))
  • RS232 connectors
  • Sockets for I2C and SPI memory chips (sold separately)
  • Socket and battery connector position for DS1307 Real Time Clock(sold separately)

The board can be powered via batteries (battery box included), or an external power supply (sold separately), and the board has on-board regulated power supply, with LED power indicator.

The kit includes both this board, a download cable and a CD with all software needed. All extra you need to get started, is a computer, and batteries or a power supply.

Furthermore, free training resources and tutorials are provided in the PICAXE manual (Part 1 - Getting Started).

The experimenter kit can be used with any software application that supports the PICAXE hardware, including the free ‘PICAXE Programming Editor’ and/or ‘Logicator for PIC Micros’ software.


Pack size 220x340x40mm
Pack weight 198g

Pack Contents:

Pack Contents:

AXE091 PICAXE Development Board
AXE015M2 PICAXE-18M2 Microcontroller
BAT013 4.5V Battery box
AXE027 USB Download Cable
BAS805 CDROM containg software and manuals


PICAXE Development Starter Pack Datasheet PDF Datasheet
PICAXE Microcontroller Datasheet PDF Datasheet
PICAXE USB Download Cable Datasheet PDF Datasheet