Elenco Snap Circuits XP Electronics Kit (SCXP-50)

Snap Circuits XP is an award winning electronics kit from Elenco. Featuring a programmable microcontroller there are over 100 projects to build from the 50+ high quality plastic components. The pieces snap together to form each different project circuit and you can build your own circuits too. Comes with excellent documentation & instructions. Ages 12+

Not currently available

Our Code: KIT-70034

We have found these kits too big to effectively post around Australia. They are excellent kits but regrettably we can no longer sell them.

 Winner of the Dr Toy 100 Best Childrens Product award, each Snap Circuits kit comes complete with full colour manuals and a whole bunch of snap together parts making it easy to learn new circuits or to make your own.

No soldering or tools are required.  Recommended for ages 12 and up.

The Snap Circuits XP features a PICAXE 08M2 microcontroller making it easy to write programs to control your circuits in BASIC or using flow charts.

Some of the projects include:

  • Sunrise Alarm
  • Battery Tester
  • Launch Pad
  • Counter
  • Clap for Sound

PICAXE is a very popular microcontroller for education use and comes with very good documentation and stable easy to use software.

Download the full manual here