Elenco Deluxe RC Snap Circuits Rover

The Deluxe RC Snap Circuits Rover by Elenco is an electronics kit that is radio controlled, moves around and shots foam discs!. With 63 included projects this kit guides you having lots of fun learning electronics then building your own new circuits. Includes excellent documentation and instruction manual. Ages 8+

Not currently available

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We have found these kits too big to effectively post around Australia. They are excellent kits but regrettably we can no longer sell them.

 No Soldering Required

The Deluxe RC Snap Rover expands on the original snap rover to include an extra 20 parts a total of 63 fun projects to build. The RC transmitter features levers and buttons allowing you to control the rover, other circuits and even the foam disc launcher.

The Elenco Deluxe Snap Rover is an electronics kit for ages 8 and up with a radio controlled chassis. Up to three rovers can be run together without interference.

The kit has over 50 parts includes a horn, LED headlight, motors, gearboxes, electrodes and more circuit building components. Build the rover, then build the 63 circuit projects included in the excellent full colour manual . Some of the projects include:

  • radio-controlled flashlight
  • morse code
  • electric generator
  • lighthouse
  • fun sounds rover
  • metronome
  • audio recorder
  • current diverter
  • electricity station

The Snap Rover is a high quality kit with a robust build quality and very good instructions and winner of many awards. Ideal for educational or fun use at home.

Download the full colour manual for more details

The rover uses a higher-voltage power supply than the other Snap Circuits kits. Some parts from the other Snap Circuits kits are designed for lower voltages and can be damaged if a higher voltage is applied to them.