Dual H-Bridge Motor Driver Board with Optical Isolation - L298N

The L298N based motor driver board can be used to control two brushed dc motors or a 4 wire stepper motor with a continual current of up to 2A per motor. With optical isolation this board is resistant to interference and the on board voltage regulator can supply 5V ~1400mA to your microcontroller. A large heat sink cools the L298N chip and there are lots of LEDs so you know what's happening.

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Our Code: MCU-60110


The motor driver is based on the popularL298 chip. It has a peak current of 2A per motor and can be controlled via TTL from any microcontroller with 3.3-5V inputs. Use to control two brushed DC motors or one stepper motor. Continuous current protection is enabled via the sensing resistors and 1N4007 diodes provide back EMF protection.

A Toshiba TPL521-4 Photocoupler isolates the logic circuits from the noisy motor driver reducing interference to your microcontroller.

The on-board LM7805 regulator can be used to supply logic power of   ~1400mA to the board or external microcontroller with a supply of 7-35V.

Motor connections, power and ground are made easily using the screw terminals while logic connections are provided on a 0.1" header for easy connection using jumper leads.

LED's are provided to show motor direction and power supply.


  • Input voltage range Vs: +5 V-+30 V. If the on-board regulator is used to supply external components then the supply range is +7 V ~ +30 V.
  • Peak current:2A per motor. In practice this will depend on ambient conditions and air flow. Maximum power consumption in total is 25W.
  • Logic voltage Vss: +5 V ~ +7 V ( power taking from board: +5 V)
  • Maximum power consumption: 25W (temperature T =75ºC)
  • Dimensions: 69mm* 42mm * 32mm
  • Weight:35g



L298 Datasheet