Netduino 2 - 32bit .Net C# Development

The Netduino 2 is a 32bit microcontroller board running the .Net Micro Framework so you can do embedded development with C# and Visual Studio. Enjoy proper debugging and managed code while developing electronics based projects.

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Our Code: MCU-60104

Supplier Link: [SparkFun MPN:DEV-11663]


Netduino looks like an Arduino Uno but on the inside  it is a 32bit Cortex-M3 microcontroller from STmicro. It runs the .Net Micro framework allowing you to be super productive writing C# in Visual Studio. Because the Netduino has the same form factor and pin assignments as the Uno it works with Arduino R3 shields.

But there's more. Running at 120MHz the Netduino 2 has 192KB of code space and 60KB of RAM, UART, PWM, I2C, 12-bit ADC and DAC. You even get a micro-B USB cable and some sticky feet to keep it on your desk.


  • STMicro 32-bit microcontroller
  • Speed: 120MHz, Cortex-M3
  • Code Storage: 192 KB
  • RAM: 60 KB
  • Power LED and User LED
  • Button Acts as reset by default but can be used as input device
  • Vin: 7.5 - 9.0 VDC or USB powered
  • Vout: 5 VDC and 3.3 VDC regulated
  • Max Current: 25 mA per pin
  • GPIO are 3.3V but 5V tolerant


  • Netduino 2
  • 4 x Sticky Feet
  • 3ft Micro Usb Cable