Anyvolt 3A Universal DC-DC switching regulator

The Anyvolt 3 is a unique regulator from Dimension Engineering that allows for step up and step down power regulation. Supplies 3 Amps at a 3V to 24V output voltage from a 5 to 30V input voltage range. The input can vary above or below the output and still provide a constant output voltage.

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Our Code: MCU-60097

The AnyVolt 3 Universal DC-DC Converter is an adjustable step up / step down 3A switching regulator. The output is adjustable from 3 to 24V. The output voltage is set with a small screw potentiometer on the back of the AnyVolt 3. Once the output voltage is set, it does not matter whether input voltage is higher, lower, or the same as the desired output. The potential applications are endless and only limited by the unit's specifications and your collection of gadgets that require DC power at a different voltage than their supply.

Input power and output loads are connected with reusable screw terminals, so no soldering is necessary.

AnyVolt 3 is very different from any other DC-DC converter on the market so please thoroughly read the entire datasheet before buying or using one.

Product Specs

Model: AnyVolt 3
Performance: 3V to 24V output voltage range
5 to 30V input voltage range
Extended mode operation down to 2.3V
3A max input or output current
<50mV typical ripple at 3A out
Durable screw terminals to connect power / loads
No external components needed
Applications: Lab work and prototyping
Powering audio amplifiers
High voltage motors
Driving multiple LEDs in series
Backlit LCD drive
Solar powered applications
Battery powered applications
Renewable energy source applications
Human-powered applications
Universal battery charger
Low voltage doomsday devices
Phone chargers
Datasheet: AnyVolt3.pdf (128 Kb)
AnyVolt3.doc (282 Kb)