Dagu Hexapod Robot Chassis Kit

The 12 DOF Hexapod Robot from Dagu is a lightweight simple 6 legged robot chassis that is ideal for student and hobby use thanks to its low cost and light weight. It is ideal for experimenting with a walking robot. This is the best value hexapod kit available.

Not currently available

Our Code: KIT-70024

The Hexapod Robot kit is a small walking robot with 12 servos controlling its legs. It requires a microcontroller and/or servo controller (not included)  to drive the servos and a power supply (not included).

Note: This kit is the mechanical components only including the acrylic chassis, legs and servo motors. Microcontroller, servo controller and batteries are seperate items.

We recommend the Dagu Spider robot controller for this chassis or your own microcontroller with one of our other servo controllers.

The kit requires assembly and contains:

  • 1x laser cut acrylic mounting plate
  • 12x foam rubber feet
  • 12x leg segments
  • 12x Miniature 9g Servos

Here is the hexapod chassis in full flight with driven by a Dagu Spider controller



Hexapod Assembly Manual

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