Netduino Mini - 32bit

The Netduino Mini is a 32bit microcontroller board running the .Net Micro Framework so you can do embedded development with C# and Visual Studio. Enjoy proper debugging and managed code while developing electronics based projects.

Not currently available

Our Code: MCU-60049

Supplier Link: [SparkFun MPN:DEV-10248]

The Netduino Mini looks like a little bug but is actually a 32-bit microcontroller in a small breadboard friendly package. It has 16 GPIOs with SPI, I2C, UART, 4 PWMs, and 4 ADC channels. It runs the .Net Micro framework allowing you to be super productive writing C# in Visual Studio.

At only 1.2" x 0.6" (30.5 x 15mm) it is pin compatible with the BASIC Stamp 2 and can be used with most of the BASIC Stamp 2 boards and kits. The tiny form factor also makes it great for finished enclosures.


  • Atmel 32-bit microcontroller
  • 48Mhz, ARM7
  • Small form factor
  • 512Kb code storage
  • 64K RAM
  • Input - 7.5 - 12VDC