Dobot Magician Arm - Education Version

**We are no longer selling the Dobot Arm** Dobot is a revolutionary new robot arm that features industrial level precision (0.2mm) in a desktop package. It is the perfect tool for robotics education or even light commercial use. Its interchangeable end kits allow it to draw with a pen, manipulate with a mechanical or pneumatic gripper, laser engrave and even 3D print. Control the arm using PC, phone and you can even teach the Dobot by holding its hand.


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We are no longer selling the Dobot Arm.


Dobot Magician Advanced Arm is ideal for teaching robotics or as a low cost factory robot. With 0.2mm precision the arm is able to manipulate objects, draw, write, laser engrave and 3D print. The arm comes assembled with a control unit, free software and excellent user guide and tutorials. Unlike other arms in this price range the Dobot uses geared stepper motors for precise control and long service life.

Multiple Control Methods



Control the Dobot from a PC, phone, tablet, joystick. Work without wires using WiFi or Bluetooth.

Handhold Teaching

 Intuitively program the Dobot by showing it where to go.

Swap Tools Fast

The cleverly designed tool holder lets you quickly swap tool by simply unscrewing. You can even design and add your own tools.


3D Printing

With its 3D printing tool the Dobot can be used to turn your ideas to life.


Dobot 3D Printing

Dobot Studio - Control Software

Dobot Magician’s controlling software DobotStudio has integrated so many features, while making it easier to control a robotic arm. Dobot Studio also has a whole set of parameters for you to customize. You can calibrate your own robotic arm without any coding!




Extension & Programming

Dobot Extension Ports

Dobot Blocky


Dobot has multiple extension ports to expand the unit and communicate with other devices. The SDK (Software Development Kit) can be used to integrate Dobot into other systems or do anything you need.

Dobot Basic And Advanced Educational Comparison


What's Included - Advanced Educational Version





Dobot Magician

Robot Arm

USB Cable

Power Adapter


Suction Cup

(Share JOINT4)

Air Pump Kit(including Joint4,air pump box,suction cup)

M2 Hexagon Wrench





Writing and Drawing Kit (Pen holder& pen)

Writing and Drawing Kit(Pen holder & pen)


3D Printing Kit


Hot End

Cables for PLAY Testing

(100g/35m, much lighter, can print less stuff)

Aluminium|plate / Glass(to be confirmed)

Masking Tape

Non-slip Cushion


Bluetooth Module

Bluetooth Module(with cables)


Other Accessories

Kraft Linner Paper 20g X5/pc

User Manual


Calibration Paper


WIFI Module

WIFI Module(with cables)


Laser Engraving Kit (Laser Engraving &

Gray Engraving)

Laser Kit(Laser Engraving & Gray Engraving)

Laser Protective Glasses


Joystick Control Kit

USB Connector Host







Number of Axes 4
Payload 500 g
Max. Reach 320mm
Position Repeatability(Control) 0.2 mm
Communication USB /WIFI */ Bluetooth
Power Supply 100V - 240 V, 50/60 Hz
Power In 12 V / 7 A DC
Consumption 60W Max
Working Temperature -10°C-60°C


Axis Movement
Axis Range Max Speed(250g workload)
Joint 1 base -135° to +135° 320° / s
Joint 2 rear arm 0° to +85° 320° / s
Joint 3 forearm -10°to +95° 320° / s
Joint 4 rotation servo +90° to -90° 480° / s


Weight 4KG
Base Dimension(Footprint) 158mm × 158mm
Materials Aluminum Alloy 6061, ABS Engineering Plastic
Controller Dobot Integrated Controller
Robot Mounting Desktop
Packing Size (L × W × H) 307mm  × 224mm × 330mm


Software DobotStudio, Repetier Host, GrblController3.6, DobotBlockly (Visual Programing editor)
SDK (Software Develop Kit) Communication Protocol, Dobot Program Library 
Extensible I/O Interfaces 1. I/O × 10 (Configurable as Analog Input or PWM Output)
2. Controllable 12V Power output × 4
3. Communication Interface (UART, Reset, Stop, 12V, 5V and two I/O included)
4. Stepper × 2


End effectors
3D printer Kit Print Size (L × W × H) 150 mm ×150 mm × 150mm
Material PLA
Resolution 0.1mm
Laser* Power Consumption 500mw
Type 405 nm (Blue laser)
Power 12V, TTL trigger (With PWM Driver)
Pen Holder Pen Diameter  10mm
Vacuum Suction Cap Cap Diameter 20mm
Pressure -35 Kpa
Gripper Range 27.5mm
Drive Type Pneumatic
Force 8N


Range of Motion


Dobot Website - More details about the robot arm.


User Manual (12Mb) - Excellent guide describing all aspects of operating the arm.