High-Traction Sticky Tire (one tire)

These high traction sticky tyres are a great way to give extra traction to a sumo robot. Designed to fit wheels with a diameter of 66mm (2-5/8") and width of 7.6mm (0.3") such as Solarbotics GMPW wheels or 2-5/8" Futaba servo hub wheels.


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Need a quick way to give your mini-sumo robot a competitive edge? Give your GMPW or servo wheels some extra grip by upgrading them with high-traction tires.

These high-traction sticky tires (also known as gummy tires) are a great way to give additional traction to the wheels on your mini-sumo robot. These 14-durometer Shore-A elastomer tires fit nicely on wheels with a diameter and width of approximately 66mm x 7mm (2-5/8" x 0.3").

The tyres are compatible with: