Solarbotics Photopopper Photovore v5.0

The Photopopper Photovore utilizes very small, high-efficiency motors in combination with elegant circuitry to make a very active solar powered robot capable of covering a meter (3.3 feet) distance in under a minute! And it doesn't roll like regular, boring robots, it hops!

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Supplier Link: [SparkFun MPN:ROB-09554]


The Photovore is a capable little robot that is powered entirely by solar energy. It has light-sensing directional optics (eyes), and a pair of obstacle avoidance sensors. A pair of infrared detectors on the robot give it a very directed phototropic (light-seeking) behavior, making it trace outlines around shadows, and be attracted to the brightest sources of light.

The Photopopper Photovore 5.0 uses new "MillerEngine" technology to make a very dynamic light-seeking & obstacle-avoiding robot. All components necessary for the Photopopper are in the kit, including a high-quality printed circuit board, optics, motors, and a very complete 12 page instruction manual with over 26 illustrations and images. The BEAM Photopopper Photovore kit is designed to be a straight-forward kit to assemble and tune, but does require fundamental soldering skills and hand-tool abilities to complete successfully.