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This a unique shield for the Arduino platform. This board mates directly with the Arduino USB board and allows the Arduino to wireless communicate over a modified ZigBee protocol using the popular XBee module from Maxstream. This shield does not include an XBee module. Any XBee module will work with the shield.

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Supplier Link: [SparkFun MPN:WRL-09588]


When combined with an XBee module the Arduino Xbee Shield enables an Arduino USB Duemilanove to communicate wirelessly with another device including a PC or another Arduino. The shield can be used to replace the serial/USB connection or when configured in command mode the module can broadcast or network with other devices.

The shields breaks out each of the Xbee's pins to a through-hole solder pad. It also provides female pin headers for use of digital pins 2 to 7 and the analog inputs, which are covered by the shield (digital pins 8 to 13 are not obstructed by the shield, so you can use the headers on the board itself). 

XBee networking is similar to WiFi 802.11 protocal found in common wireless devices like laptops but is a thrifty power solution without the complicated encryption layers making it ideal for robotics where we need our batteries to last.

Please check the Arduino page for more details and setup instructions.


This shield works with...

XBee Module 1mW with Wire Antenna