PICAXE USB Programmer By SparkFun

SparkFun's PICAXE USB programmer is an alternative, bare-bones way to program PICAXE chips. It even has blinky lights! Works with Windows, Mac OS, Linux.

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Our Code: COM-40008

Supplier Link: [SparkFun MPN:PGM-09260]

The PICAXE USB programmer allows PICAXE micros to be programmed from any platform (Windows and Linux). The programmer uses the FT232R and will show up on your computer as a new COM port. Under windows - you'll need to install FTDI drivers but it's really easy!

This board is effectively the same thing (once you add the miniUSB cable and 3.5mm audio cable) as the PICAXE USB Programming Cable. The difference is this board has two on-board LEDs to show the serial data (TX and RX) being passed back and forth. If you already have a USB-miniB cable or stereo cable then you can save some money!



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