PICAXE USB Programming Cable (AXE027)

This USB programming cable (AXE027) is used for programming PICAXE chips via a USB port on your computer (Windows, Linux, Mac OS and even some pocket pc's).

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Essential purchase! - the PICAXE USB download cable can be used with all PICAXE project boards and chip sizes, so purchase once and then use over and over again with all your PICAXE projects. This cable is also included within the starter packs.

Compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux.

This quality cable is a robust USB to 3.5mm jack plug cable, 1.8m long. The USB<>serial adapter wizardry, based on an FTDI converter chip, is a tiny miniature circuit securely moulded right inside the rectangular USB connector. This USB cable is a 5V logic level device, so works far better than a 'serial cable + universal USB-RS232 adapter' combination when, for instance, calibrating touch sensors with the PICAXE software.

Top Tips!

  • Always use your AXE027 USB cable in the same USB port on your computer. It will then always retain the same 'virtual COM port' number.
  • Always insert the AXE027 USB cable before starting the PICAXE software.
  • On Linux ensure you use the LinAXEpad 'modprobe' button after starting the software.

More details can be found in the Setting up your AXE027 USB download cable for first use page of our Getting Started section.


Pack size 170x90x30mm
Pack weight 81g

USB PICAXE Download Cable - USB to 3.5mm stereo plug

FTDI Chipset

1.8m long

FCC / CE / RoHS Compliant


Driver Installation Instructions (Windows/Linux/Mac) PDF Datasheet
Windows USB Driver (self extracting preinstaller format) v2.08.14 Windows Driver
Windows USB Driver (zip format) v2.08.14 Windows Driver
USB Driver for Mac OSX Intel Mac Intel Driver
USB Driver for Mac OSX Intel PowerPC PowerPC Driver
AXE027 Monitor Gadget for Windows Vista / Windows 7 AXE027 Gadget