PICAXE 28X Starter Pack - no cable

This starter pack is an excellent way to get into PICAXE microcontrollers. The kit includes the popular 28x1 PICAXE chip, 28 pin project board, interface cables, battery holder and software. Note: the programmer cable is sold seperately.

Not currently available

Our Code: KIT-70010

Supplier Link: [SparkFun MPN:DEV-08353]

With this kit and the included software you will be programming the PICAXE microcontroller using the easy to learn BASIC language in no time.

Kit Includes:

  • PICAXE 28X1 IC
  • Assembled 28-pin standard project board
  • Interface cables
  • Battery holder
  • Software CD
Note: the kit does not include a programming cable as you may prefer a PICAXE USB or Serial cable or to use the SparkFun PICAXE programmer. That way you only need to buy the cable you will actually use. 

Check out the datasheet for more information.