Ardubot Bare PCB

The Ardubot PCB is the foundation for a cheap Arduino powered robot. By adding some gearmotors, wheels and a H-Bridge driver the PCB allows an Arduino Duemilanove USB Board to become a mobile robot. Plenty of prototyping space allows other sensors to be attached allowing more complex robot behaviour.

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Supplier Link: [SparkFun MPN:ROB-10185]


The new version of the Ardubot PCB breaks out all the Arduino pins to a separate row of headers. It also includes spaces for LEDs, a reset switch, and servo headers.

The Ardubot PCB can be the foundation of your own Arduino-powered bot. When combined with a few other Robot Gear offerings, the Ardubot makes a great mobile testing platform. Or you could just go terrorize the cat and annoy your family and friends. Add some lasers and theme music and you can start your own battle-bot league!

Note: this product is the PCB only. Motors, wheels, caster, h-bridge and Arduino are sold seperately.

Assembled Ardubot

The Ardubot PCB is designed to be mated with a standard Aduino Pro (3.3V or 5V) or Arduino USB board, along with 2 motors, wheels, a front caster and a bridge driver. All the Arduino pins are broken out to the Ardubot PCB, along with a generous amount of prototyping area and power busses that run the length of the board.

Check the associated items for build options and check the tutorial to put one together.

Dimensions: 117 x 69mm