Solarbotics GMB28 Gear Motor Bracket to suit GM2, GM8 gearmotors

The Solarbotics GM2 and GM8 gear motors have convenient holes for mounting, but these precision laser-cut steel mounting brackets add to their versatility allowing you to mount them in different positions on a robot chassis.


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The provided mounting holes in the Solarbotics GM2 and GM8 gear motors are a convenient way to mount the motors to your project, but sometimes you just need a different way to mount them. These precision laser-cut steel brackets match the features on the gear motors and securely clamp them down to your project.

Use any #4-sized screw, nut, or bolt for assembly. You can also use special #4×1/2” screws designed for threading plastic.

Note: Some GM2 motors were molded a bit fatter around the tab that the motor retainer screws into. This interferes with the side-notches in the bracket when you install it. To get around this problem, you will have to make the side notches a bit deeper with a file.