Miniature Tank Track Sprocket Set 8T GM

Sold as a 4 pack, these 8 tooth injection molded sprockets are designed to fit our tank tracks and Solarbotics GM2, GM3, GM8 and GM9 gear motors. Each pack contains two drive wheels and two idlers that can add a Caterpillar style tank track drive system to a small robot.

Our Code: MEC-30005

Supplier Link: [Pololu MPN:359]


These sprockets are made to work with the rugged miniature tank tracks to give your robot extra manouverability in rugged lounge room terrain. The sprockets are made of strong ABS plastic and have 8 teeth each. Together with the tank tracks these sprockets form a reliable tank tread drive system that will not throw the tracks when adjusted correctly unlike rubber treads which can sometimes pull off when skid steering.

This pack includes four (4) sprockets only

  • Two drive sprockets with 7mm holes to suit Solarbotics gear motors GM2, GM3,GM8,GM9.
  • Two idler sprockets with 1/4" (6.35mm) holes to suit shoulder bolts

Other things that are usefull with these sprockets: