Servo extension cable Male-Female 30cm (12")  (Retired)

Easily connect far away servos to your robot controller with these 30cm (12") long servo extension leads.

Not currently available

Our Code: CCW-20002

Supplier Link: [Pololu MPN:786]

Discontinued. Please consider the Servo extension cable Male-Female 30cm (12") as an alternative.


The male end of the cable can be used to connect to a variety of hobby servos and the female end can connect to 2.54mm 3 pin IDC headers commonly found on many robot controllers. Since this cable has both male and female ends you can join them together to create a reusable cable of any length.

Both ends of this extension cable have 'JR' type connectors to suit hobby servos with either 'JR' or the compatible 'S' type. Hitech servos commonly use the 'S' style which will fit this cable.

JR or S type servo connector (no lug)

Another servo connector type is the 'J' style commonly found on Futaba servos. The 'J' connector has a small lug on the female end that ensures it can not be plugged into radio control gear the wrong way.

J type servo connector (note the lug on the side)

These connectors will not fit this extension lead normally but the lug can be easily removed with a trimmer or craft knife enabling these 'J' connectors to fit the extension lead. Without the lug the connector is the same size.