Makey Makey - Deluxe Kit with Copper Tape

Makey Makey Delux kit is a new way to interface with a computer (Windows, Mac, Linux) where you become the keyboard and mouse. You can use apples for keyboard buttons and a real cat as a mouse (be nice). Any game or program can now be controlled by anything around you. Mario cart with marsh mellows or mix dubstep with pot plants.

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It's kind of hard to explain until you see it, so check this out...

Now it makes more sense doesn't it?

The Makey Makey is an ingenious idea. By acting as a keyboard and mouse the Makey Makey can be used to control anything a computer can do which is a lot of things!

Using the Makey Makey is very easy and you don't need to be an electronics expert even though there are little wires and a computery looking thing involved. Just connect the alligator clips to anything that conducts electricity like an orange or petunias, touch them with your fingers and the computer will think they are the keyboard buttons. Anything can be used as long as it conducts just a little bit of electricity. So, dry rocks are out, but spaghetti and meatballs are in.

The board has 6 inputs on the front for use with alligator clips plus another 12 on the back with 6 for keys and 6 for mouse motions.

For the technically curious the Makey Makey is also an Arduino in disguise with its ATMega32u4 chip that can be programmed via the Arduino software to change the behaviour and keys of the board. It uses the Leonardo bootloader.

The Makey Makey magic is done by using high resistance switching that detects if connections to the board have changed. It then filters the signals and provides sensible key press and mouse movement data to the computer.

What's different to the standard kit: The deluxe kit also includes another pack of alligator clips, jumper wires and copper tape.

Note:  Remember to check the notes below for information on firmware updates.

The Kit Includes: