Solarbotics GMPW-R Red Wheel

This 2-5/8" plastic wheel (the original-style GMPW wheel) is made specifically for the Solarbotics GM2 , GM3 , GM8 , and GM9 gearbox output shafts, and it also matches the Pololu plastic gearmotors . Each wheel comes with two black rubber bands: the tyre and a spare.


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Pololu - Original-style Solarbotics GMPW wheels comes with a screw for mounting and two rubber bands for tires

This original-style GMPW wheel is made to match the Solarbotics GM2, GM3, GM8, and GM9, gearmotors, and it also matches the Pololu plastic gearmotors. This plastic wheel is molded from ABS, and measures just under 2-5/8" across by 0.3" wide. With the included rubber band tyre, the total wheel diameter is 2-5/8". The wheel is available in blue, yellow, red, and black.

For mini-sumo robots, you can also get a high-traction sticky tyre made especially to fit this plastic robot wheel.

Included Parts

  • One wheel
  • Two rubber band tires (one is a spare)
  • One screw for mounting

Newer Versions

For a version of this robot wheel that has molded-on silicone tires and built-in encoder stripes, see the newer-style GMPW wheels with encoders.



Size: 2-5/8" diameter, 0.3" wide

General specifications

Colour: red

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