LED Rainbow Pack - 5mm Diffused 12 Pack

These assorted 5mm low current diffused LED are a neat pack when you what to make interesting things. Two each of red, green, yellow blue, orange and purple. Work great from an Arduino board.

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What's better than a blinky light - lots of blinky lights in lots of colours. With more colours than the 20 pack this bundle make your projects more interesting with some different coloured LED lights. Suitable for use directly from microcontroller output pins thanks to the low current.


  • 2x Red Diffused LED - 5mm
  • 2x Orange Diffused LED - 5mm
  • 2x Yellow Diffused LED - 5mm
  • 2x Green Diffused LED - 5mm
  • 2x Blue Diffused LED - 5mm
  • 2x Purple Diffused LED - 5mm


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