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Monday, 12 September 2016
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Projects by KimM

Arduino Tamiya Tank Bot

Oct 4. 2016 15:21 0 Comments
"Tank Bot" is a simple autonomous tracked robot. He navigates over slightly rough terrain avoiding dangers like plants and fences. He is made from ...

No Frills Robot

Sep 13. 2016 13:33 0 Comments
It's not fancy! This is a simple robot made using blank DVD's for the chassis and double sided foam tape. It's purpose is to drive around and not r...

PICAXE 08M Explorer Bot

Sep 13. 2016 13:32 0 Comments
This little palm sized robot drives around and tries to avoid things. I made this to see what can be done with little Solarbotics motors and the li...

Mr Hairy the Navigator

Sep 13. 2016 13:32 0 Comments
Made with bits borrowed from other projects, Mr Hairy attempts to navigate around things. He has a single infrared sensor mounted on a servo to sca...