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This is an oldie but a goodie. Using simple things such as a plastic cup, textas, blutack, a battery and a motor this bot runs around making its own unique pattern that can be changed just by changing the weight attached to the motor or by moving the motor position

A scribble bot uses an unbalanced motor to run across a page and making some interesting scribbles

STEP 1:  Collect the stuff you need

1 x container - I used a plastic cup

1 x motor

1 x AA battery

1 x lacky band

Some BluTack or play dough or plasticine to make a weight for the motor

textas - I used three, but you could use more


STEP 2:  Stick on the Textas

Stick the textas onto the cup using tape. Leave the lids on at this stage to make sure you don't draw on yourself.

STEP 3:  Adding the power source

Put the lacky band around the battery.  This will be used to keep the motor wires connected to the battery. Then tape the battery to the cup

You will notice in this image there is no lacky band on the battery.  This is because the lacky band was an improvement I made after working out that sticky tape didn't perform as well as I hoped in secure the motor wires to the battery.

STEP 4:  Adding the motor

Stick the motor one to the cup and add the blutack to the motor to make it unbalanced.  This is what will make the bot move about on the paper.

This is where to place the weight on the motor

Motor with the weight attached

STEP 5:  Time to scribble

Take the caps off the textas, join the motor wires to the battery and place your bot on a piece of paper.

And my Scribble bot is ready to scribble