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Vertical axis wind turbine which generates 6W of power at wind speed of 20 m/s
As a first year mechanical engineering project we built a drag based vertical axis wind turbine. The turbine was tested at the University of Newcastle wind tunnel and generated 6W of power at a wind speed of 20 m/s.
The turbine was made completely using hand tools, and within a budget of $100, plywood was used as the main structure.

The turbine blades were made from large PVC pipe. The directing blades (in picture above) could be adjusted to various angles.

A gearing system was added, with a 17 tooth pinion gear attached to a small generator (Multistar Elite 3508-268KV High Voltage Endurance Motor), a 72 tooth spur gear was attached to the vertical shaft (threaded rod) of the generator. We built a custom motor motor as seen in the pictures, (the generator is not shown in pictures as this was added on the day of testing)
Videos of testing is attached.