Wheel encoders and disks for robot drive systems

An encoder is used to measure rotational speed of motors or wheels.

For light based encoders a series of markings or holes are made around the rotating disk that are used to break a light beam or change reflectivity that is detected using an infrared sensor.

Magnetic based encoders use a disk with alternating magnetic orientation as markings around it that are read by a Hall effect sensors.

 As the wheel rotates these markings or magnetic changes can be counted and computed against time to determine the rotational speed.

Encoders can be supplied fixed to motors or as separate items for adding to anything that rotates.

Pololu Quadrature Encoder for 42 x 19mm Wheel

Code: SEN-10012

Designed to work with our 42 x 19mm wheel this quadrature encoder can be used to measure the speed and direction of your robots drive wheels. When used with the 42 x 19mm wheel the encoder provides a resolution of 48 counts per revolution corresponding to about 3mm of linear movement.


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