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Materials for Wearable Electronics

Conductive Ribbon - 3-Conductor (1 yard)

Code: SKU-000600

Here we have some conductive ribbon. Essentially, it’s a fabric with 3 conductors woven into the ribbon. It measures roughly 0.2" wide and 0.03" thick. You will get a 1 yard (~3 foot long) section of ribbon. It has very little (negligible) resistance to it.


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EeonTex Conductive Fabric

Code: SKU-003924

This EeonTex fabric is a conductive, nonwoven microfiber for use in e-textiles as well as electromagnetic and resistive heating applications. Each sheet of the EeonTex Conductive Fabric is pre-cut into 12 inch by 13 inch sheets about 0.8mm thick.


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Magnetic Snap 18mm

Code: SKU-000231

A snap is fun, but a magnetic snap adds a whole new layer of possibilities. This are relatively large 18mm diameter snaps (all three pieces come as shown). They couple together very strongly (must be pried apart), rotate freely on the axis, and are electrically conductive.


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Needle Set - 5 Pack

Code: SKU-000676

This set of 5 sewing needles is great for sewing together an e-textile project. The set contains three 48mm long, 1.23mm thick needles and two smaller 39mm long, 0.67mm thick needles. The needles are ideal for use with our conductive thread.


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Snap Assortment - 30 pack (male and female)

Code: SKU-000968

These sew-on fabric snaps are the same size used on the LilyPad SimpleSnap boards. You can sew these into your project to allow for easy removal or prototyping. They are 8mm snaps, which is equivalent to a size #1/0 at your local fabric shop. Includes: 15x male snaps 15x female snaps


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